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"A house is not a home without a rabbit"

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Clover is my very special bunny…Not that they all are not, but we have a special bond. In April 2021, I was asked if I could do a “pick-up” of a bunny that someone had abandoned outside. At the time I had 5 rabbits at home and there really was no room at the inn (or was there?) so I asked if a foster family was in place and there was. I set off to get the bunny not knowing what to expect as it was my first solo rescue mission. When I got to the house where the bun was, the homeowner took me out back to a short hedgerow and pointed to it. I spread the leaves and low and behold I saw this beautiful shivering little thing. We had had heavy rain all week and it was cold. The bun hopped about 3 feet away. As I reached in, it hopped back to where it had been. I reached out again while quietly talking to her and picked her up. She snuggled right into me almost as if she knew I was there to help. When I got to the car I knew I could never let her go. I called the president of the sanctuary and said “you have to cancel the foster family…she is mine”. 2 years later, she sits beside me on the couch almost every night to be loved and rubbed. That is the power of a rescue bunny…unconditional love.

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We’re in the throws of fresh garden produce…now’s the time to hit up your local farmer’s markets not only to support these small businesses, but buying local fresh food is the best for your rabbit to consume. Make sure to ask if items are pesticide free and non-gmo. Prep your greens and veggies as soon as you get home and store properly to maximize freshness. Using a good quality salad spinner makes quick and easy work!

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